Syl Jones, an award-winning transformational thinker, journalist,
playwright and video producer, delivers tremendous value as a consultant
for all kinds of organizations: corporations, not-for-profits and other groups.
Syl also manages large-scale transformation programs using
unique elements that reach the heart and the mind.
He uses his creative talents to enliven and enrich organizational life.
Corporate Communications
Want an onsite consultant to manage your immediate communications needs? Strategic media relations, news releases, leader decks, speeches? Syl can do it.
Work Force Integration
Need a new and better approach to creating true work force integration? Discover why most diversity and Inclusion programs fail before they begin.
Video Production
Got a massive video project? Or, a small but potentially tense one-camera shoot with the CEO? See what Syl can write, direct and produce for you and how he does it.
Syl has written and produced plays for organizations and commercial theaters. What does theater have to do with your communication needs? See how vital it can be.
Health and Medicine
Social Justice
Syl’s first love is Health and Medicine. Why? Syl spent some of his childhood at the Shriner’s Burns Institute in Cincinnati, where his Mom was a Nurse for more than 30 years. Here’s how his youthful obsession took flight years later in his work as a writer with healthcare organizations. Young people mean the world to Syl. After all, he used to be one! Take a look at what Syl’s doing to improve Education and why it’s so important. Syl uses his skills to promote Social Justice is a world where many are hurting. Here’s how it works.
Office: 952.404.1199

Syl has been writing essays for newspapers for many years. He writes about everything: music, sports, social issues and other subjects. Here in the Short Takes section, you can read some of the many essays and stories he’s written. They reflect his unique perspective and the subject matter will change from time to time.
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